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Click to view or download an EXHIBITOR FLOOR PLAN
of the Indianapolis State Fairground's West Pavilion.

Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view & print floor plan.   Click here to download it free.

Attention Swap Meet Exhibitors:
If you are not concerned about selecting a specific floor space, we will select your space(s) for you.  However, if  you would like to select your space:

1. Click Here to view or download the floor plan.

2. Print the floor plan.

3. On the floor plan, you may make your space selections by circling your first
    choice and write #1, circle your second choice and write #2, etc.  You may
    make up to 10 space selections. (see example).  We will make every effort
    to fill your request, but remember, exhibitors who request their "same space
    as the last event (of the same month) have space selection priority,
    provided they register before the "same space" deadline.

   What is the "same space" deadline?  There is a 2-part answer:
            Part 1) What do we mean by "same space". 
Since each event date is
            independent of the others
, the "same space" would be the spaces you
            were on at the event of the same month, the year prior.  For example,
            you had been an exhibitor at the January event.  Now you are registering
            for the March event and want the same space, we will look at the prior
            year's March event (not the January event) to see what spaces you had.
            If you were not an exhibitor at the prior year's March event, and the
            exhibitor who did have those spaces wanted them again, they would
            have space selection priority; providing the submit their registration form
            by the "same space" deadline.

             Part 2) What is the "deadline"?  For all event dates (except November),
             the deadline is the prior event date.  Meaning, the same space deadline
             for the January event is the prior year's November event date.
             The same space deadline for the March event is the January event of
              that year, and  so on.

            Since there is a long span of time between our March and November
             events, the deadline for the November event is 45 days prior to
             the November event.  Please note that you should not confuse the
             "same space" deadline with the deadline to register.  There really is no
             deadline to register.  We have exhibitor who register for an event even
             after the event has begun.  Of course, we do not recommend waiting this
             long as spaces may be completely sold-out.  Please register early!!!

 4.  Enclose floor plan with your registration form.

Please Note:
If you plan to have your trailer placed on your space, do not select spaces on
Row "A" or Row "L" as there will be a pole between your spaces. If you need additional information or have more questions, please call our office at 317-296-0336.